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Who we are

MCD Attorneys is a law practice located in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are the only law firm in Zimbabwe that creates synergies with vigilant change-makers who need justice in a time when exploitation is the norm.

Our Vision is to create enduring alliances by building bridges between parties and providing committed representation.

What we offer

  • Estate Planning and Administration

    With the aim of ensuring the continuity of the family structure, managing administration costs, respecting the wishes of the deceased and minimizing the burden of the bereaved; we offer comprehensive plans and advice on how clients can plan, build, grow or protect their estate during and after their lifetime.

  • Family law

    The sanctity of the family structure, the protection of vulnerable persons in the family setup and the drive towards pursuing the best interests of the child, influences MCD Attorneys’ passion in the practice of family law

  • Real Estate & Conveyancing

    Ensuring that our clients’ real and personal rights are adequately protected in the buying and selling of property is integral part of the services we offer. It is also critical in the expansion or demise of a client’s estate. This is why MCD Attorneys strives to ensure that our clients are represented by a reliable team of practitioners before, during and after any registration or transfer process that they have an interest in.

  • Labour Law

    Critical considerations such as the constitutionalisation of labour rights, digitalization and the Zimbabwean economic policies in general, have had a huge impact on our clients’ livelihoods. Playing a role in the rules governing the relationship between employers and employees is the primary basis upon which MCD Attorneys was founded upon. MCD Attorneys’ strives towards the practical implementation and development labour laws to a point where our clients are legally satisfied and protected.

  • Immigration Law

    Migrating from one country to another is no easy feat when a client is not aware of the laws governing how she legally enters or leaves Zimbabwe or how she obtains relevant permits or have family join the client. MCD Attorneys offers support to such clients by offering advisory services, initiating and completing relevant legal requirements.

  • Corporate Rescue

    The goal behind corporate rescue is aimed at giving struggling companies an opportunity to rise from their financial woes, to rehabilitate and ultimately avoid winding down the business through liquidation. MCD Attorneys values the continuous, profitable existence of companies as this not only has an impact on shareholders/ directors but extends to employees, their families and the community as a whole. This is why we have taken a keen interest in the continuous development and survival of companies.

  • Civil Litigation

    Over and above the various specialised services offered by MCD Attorneys, litigation is the core of our profession and as such we offer dispute resolution for our clients through the court system. Civil litigation offers clients the right to sue for compensation or for specific action in matters such as breach of contract, defamation and negligence, to mention a few.

Our Partners

Zvikomborero Majena



Labour and Employment Law, Trade Unionism, Workshop facilitation, Peer Educator, Civil Litigation, Constitutional and Human Rights Litigation, Family Law, Legal Drafting

Patience Chigumba



Labour and Employment law, Companies and other Business Structures law, Estate Administration, Convayencing and Notarial practice, Income Tax law, Human Rights , Insolvency and Insurance law, Administrative and local governance law , Civil litigation and Legal Drafting .

Christine R. Danha



Commercial and corporate law, Immigration, Estate Administration, Property Law, Family Law, contract drafting, review and negotiation.

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